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Read our stories-Morgan
Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum ACCKIDS
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Meet Miss Morgan..born 6/11/99.
Morgan was born after a very complicated (inutero) diagnosis of holoprencephaly found on ultrasound. We were told to prepare for a catastrophic birth. Needless to say those days were a blur, how could this happen after having four healthy normal children? A c-section was planned to decrease the trauma....OOPPSS, we read the ultra sound wrong..not a catastrpohic birth after all! Morgan was born weighing 7lbs..amazing!!! Her ACC was diagnosed that night via CT scan and later confirmed by MRI. Morgan has many, many diagnosis` and has undergone a shunt insertion for hydrocephalaus,and has had an 11 hour brain surgery to decompress her brain stem as there was no fluid flowing to the back of her brain.She has seizures, is growth hormone defiecent, eats mainly via gtube, has a syndrome called Cornelia deLange,as well as variety of other things that each by itself can be disaterous.NOT MORGAN, she continues to amaze not only us but the medical field as well.This is a child who has defied all odds.YES, she has her share of problems but somehow she compensates.She walks, somewhat unsteady and not for very long periods of time, she has ADHD which continues to drive me nuts, she loses her train of thought quickly. This is a child who knows nothing but goodnes and love, she will greet each person she sees with a great big smile.Her cognitive range is scatterd with the range from 12 months to 5 years... I have learned through Morgan never, ever give up hope..Any one that can thrive with the odds stacked against them is a true fighter. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
NEVER GIVE UP....NEVER GIVE IN..and remember..KNOWLEDGE is, research, ask questions and ask again!!