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Letter to new ACC families
Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum ACCKIDS
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With warmest thoughts.......

Dear Families New to ACC

 This section of the web site was created for you. Since you are new to ACC it means you are still struggling with the deep emotions that go along with the realization that your child has a disability.

We "veteran parents" want you to know these feelings you are experiencing are normal. Some of us "veteran parents" still struggle with the emotions that go along with having a ACC child. But many of us have found our way to a degree of emotional stability by watching our beautiful children grow and blossom in a way that we were never lead to believe would happen.

Below are some letters written from us to you. It is our way of telling you that you are not alone. That we have been where you are now and not only survived, but grown stronger. You will too.

Sincerely, Veteran parents of ACCKIDS


It doesn't matter if you`re a parent for the first time or if this is your fourth, you are about to learn something brand new. It will be both wonderful and heart wrenching. I will never forget the day my daughter was born or the first time I heard the words Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. By now you have probably read the "facts" about ACC ,some of these facts may not pertain to your child but alot of them will. Here are some more facts:
Your child will have a smile that will light up the darkest room.
Your child will have a laugh that will make you forget your troubles.
Your child will have a wonderful personality all of their own.
Your child will learn to do things you never thought possible.
Your child will have the ability to steal peoples hearts.
Your child will teach you things about yourself you would have never learned.
Your child will change your life in a most beautiful way.
Try not to let the other facts overwhelm you, just take it day by day and grow along with your child.

Dana Cassidy